Constellation Coffee in Pittsburgh

pittcon1 pittcon2 pittcon3 pittcon4 pittcon5 pittcon6 pittcon7 pittcon8 pittcon9 pittcon10 pittcon11 pittcon12 pittcon13 pittcon14Have you ever been to Pittsburgh? That is one cool town. A thing I’m learning is that there are all these people and places around the world where some straight-up great stuff is happening. Small and medium towns of planet earth, rejoice! It’s hard to describe exactly how it feels to be there, but it feels a lot like Fort Collins, Colorado. There’s some beautiful old houses. People are pretty no-nonsense. There’s a university or two anchoring the younger generation in town. And there are great things happening in food, art, and music. One of which is Constellation Coffee, and our croissant-sourcing bakery on this trip, La Gourmandine.

Croissants are a delicate art, and when you get a good one, especially a good one filled with almond paste, you should send a thankful prayer up to the gods of pastry. Just sayin’. I went a little crazy and got a chocolate and almond croissant, and I regret nothing.

Know what else happened while I was in Pittsburgh? Well, firstly, I went to a Taylor Swift concert (which I will probably also blog about), but also we had a great conversation with an old guy in Goodwill. This occurred while we waited to pay for our vase and old fashioned egg beater ($3) and he waited to pay for his 1980’s “nearly-mint-condition-considering-some-kid-was-reading-this” Star Wars children’s book (also $3). He recommended some places around to get generous servings of Mexican food and we asked him further questions about the Pittsburgh food scene from the perspective of a middle-aged man. Finally, as the cashier got it together and we had paid for our goods, we bid him farewell.

“May the force be with you!” I hollered behind us as we exited. It took him a second, but then he got it. But then he got it, my friends.

Mic drop.

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